Friday, November 13, 2009

Watercolour Paintings

Way back in 2005, I decided to sign up for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer... I thought walk 60kms, I can do that... then I thought, raise $2000, HOW.

Then I decided that if someone donated towards my goal, I would thank them with a home/cottage portrait in watercolours... up until then I had only done one other. But it turned out so well that I decided I could do it. Turns out I raised my goal and more and to this day I am asked to make some pretty special creations. It hasn't stopped at homes/cottages... I have been asked to do boats too! I have backed off any pet or people requests (I'm just not that brave yet).

So to this day, I still do these watercolours. I think that it's pretty amazing that people ask me to capture their most prefect precious plase on paper...

PS - Sorry for the quality of pictures... this was way before I learned HOW to take better pictures ;-)

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