Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pay Day Party - More fun!

Party goers earn their money at the candy shop - guessing the number of candies, making chocolate dipped rice crispy squares and decorating their very own candy apples!
Other jobs that we up on the JOB BOARD - Clothing designers (we did tie dye shirts), dog walking, candy makers, baby sitting, and gardening (they transferred flowers in to individual pots to take home).
This was the garden area BEFORE the work started!
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PAY DAY Party! Colourful and Super Fun

These are pictures from before the partiers came... above is the dinner (eating area) complete with hot dog roller!
These ribbon flowers were part of their loot bags. ... but only if they had earned enough money to buy them. (and don't you love my thrift store find of a carrying case?)
and I filled my thrift store find with more thrift store finds of vintage MELMAC dishes (these won't break when they are dropped and I love the colours that they come in!)
Hot dog roller with their shopping baskets ready to go
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Pay Day Party - Colourful, fun & sticky

Today was the day and all the prep and planning was all worth it when 11 little 9 year old girls enjoyed the activities, the loot, the decorations and each other!

One of the jobs was working at the candy shop making caramel apples. I don't know if these looked as good as they taste but they had fun making them.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

my muses

I thought the ribbon flowers were cute but not cuter than these little girls! One has super long hair... She has Jennifer Anistor hair and she is only two. And the other one, she is totally roley poley and full of spunk and smiles!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Can't wait til PAYDAY!

This is a party idea that you just can't get in stores. I am reaching deep into my bag of tricks and my creative abilities to come up with stuff for this one... check out my little "cheque-book invitations"! Also on my list to do is....
personalize money
cafeteria style food service
corner store ideas
and of course the games (jobs to earn money with) - some ideas: laundrymat with sock matching service, restaurant with dishwashing duties, a couple clothing manufacturers (who use child labour obviously), gardeners who do weed pulling, singer and street performers (complete with hats and tins to put tips into)... now if I could just figure out a way to build a little starbucks kiosk so I can get a barrista to serve me my coffee!

good thing I've got a week still to go!
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A pretty window garden

This is long promised piece for a large dining room window.... John found this window for me a while ago and I think it worked our perfectly for for little shot of bright and happy.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

trains, planes & automobiles

It's official! This is finally for sale at Belle Balloons/Belle Events in downtown Belleville, Ontario! As I stand back, it all feels so colourful and fun, just like I wanted it to end up!
Included in this party-pak is: 1 'use anywhere' bin, 2 celebration pennants, 10 invites and envelopes, 1 set of activity supplies and a game suggestion, 10 loot bags filled with slingshot airplanes (they are so much fun if you've never seen them. but warning, they can go far and land on a roof or two), 10 old fashion candy sticks, 10 cupcake/food toppers...
This pack is made for a party of 10 kids, but I can always add more stuff if you are brave enough to have a bigger party than that! If you bought everything individually, it comes to just under the triple digit mark... but if you do the party-pak, it's $70 and you only have to make one stop!
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer fun with Bubbles - colourful-days-party-pak

I'm working on 2 party paks right now... and this is a sneak peek at my bubble insiped one. Thinking this one is geared to kids 6 and under but since bubbles make me smile it might just appeal to everyone!

As of right now, I'm thinking the party pak will include the following:
10 invitations and envelopes
3 (9' long) celebration pennants
10 swag/loot bags
10 bubble bottles
Suggestions for games with the following activity supplies:
1 package of water balloons for games
1 package of side walk chalk
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

sneak peak of trains, plains and automobiles colourful-days-party-pak!

Today I'm working on party packages for various birthday parties. This one is my first one. Right now the 'colourful-days-party-pak' includes the following:
10 invitations and envelopes
2 celebration pennants
10 cupcake/food toppers
10 swag bags with sling shot planes inserted
Instructions and supplies for a flying machine

I haven't quite figured out the price point but what would you pay not to run around to search out all these things?
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