Thursday, November 26, 2009

I heart pineapples!

I went paper internet shopping last week (one of my most favourite things) and stumbled upon pineapple papers! I ordered one in each colour - I think I got 17 sheets sent to me - just to try them to see if they would work for what I was thinking... and they worked out great. I'm a fan!

I used the red to make one of my window art projects (sorry I don't think I took a picture before I handed it off of the lovely lady who ordered it).

Description: Handmade in Thailand from natural pineapple fibres, providing a unique texture. This exotic paper is availablein 29 rich colours. Every stage of the pineapple paper making process is environmentally friendly! From wild pineapple leaves to beautifully textured and dyed art paper!

1 comment:

  1. How did you make this? I tried boiling it with shredded papers and just water, Did you use Sodium Hydroxide? Please answer? I really need to create "Paper from Pineapple leaves" for my project. Thank you.