Thursday, November 26, 2009

I heart pineapples!

I went paper internet shopping last week (one of my most favourite things) and stumbled upon pineapple papers! I ordered one in each colour - I think I got 17 sheets sent to me - just to try them to see if they would work for what I was thinking... and they worked out great. I'm a fan!

I used the red to make one of my window art projects (sorry I don't think I took a picture before I handed it off of the lovely lady who ordered it).

Description: Handmade in Thailand from natural pineapple fibres, providing a unique texture. This exotic paper is availablein 29 rich colours. Every stage of the pineapple paper making process is environmentally friendly! From wild pineapple leaves to beautifully textured and dyed art paper!

Friday, November 20, 2009


This was an old small basement window but the three panels made great frames for these 3 letters. I painted the frame silver to give it a little holiday glitter.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New stuff coming up soon!

Just received a new shipment of japanese papers from and I'm going to test some new papers that I just fell in love with ... I'll post some pictures in the next couple of days. I have a window all ready cleaned off and ready to be prettified!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Invitations - Rock Out

No one on this earth has more personality than this little one... at least in my opinion... and this invitation is my attempt at capturing her spirit.

This party was all about the girls... they dress up as their favourite stars, drank sparkling juice, participated in dance offs and sing offs, played lots of rock star games and had a great time just being girls.

They even went home with swag bags full of personalized stuff just for them.

Invitations - Pirates and Princess

Walking the plank, treasure hunting and eating everything on a stick were all part of this little party. Oh almost forgot, the kids also captured another pirate ship and bombarded the prisoners with water balloons!

Invitations - Campers

None of my kids ever wanted to sign up for scouts or cubs or brownies ... not because they wouldn't enjoy it, but because they would have to wear the uniforms in the unfortunate colour of brown (they have always hated that colour), but my daughter wanted a camper party and this is the invite that she handed out to her friends!

Invitations - Digital Works

 I've recently offered to do some invitation designs for people that don't live around me. The digital version just works easier!

Tessa is a girl that was born with crazy hair... and now as a two year old, she could compete very well with any pantene hair models!

This one is for a little boy who is going to have a great little party at a local fire hall! And his mom has an infinity for all things retro and vintage!

and this one for a party I hosted! It was as much fun as it looked.

Invitation - Little Fishies

Celebrating a one year old's birthday ... what can be better! This theme came from the idea that I wanted to make fish wind socks (similar to japanese wind socks) and use them as loot bags (I know strange out of the blue idea).

Invitation - Baby Shower

I tend to believe that baby showers should be about the mom to be - it's all about the baby when the time comes. I like to make the invitations reflect the mom to be, what kind of person she is and what stuff she likes. When I got asked to make these invites, I wanted to show just how fun and hip this momma really was!

Pretty Holiday Offerings

This was my table at the show... we (Maya and I) were right in the lobby so we were one of the first booths that any visitors saw.

Wedding - Laundry Line

Instead of a guest book, this couple (actually the bride) chose a laundry line to have guests write some personalize messages to the couple.

I provided the wired up reclaimed window frame (no glass), mini clothes pins and clothing cut outs from scrapbooking papers. And then as a extra embellishment, I found this little photo charm to tack on to the window frame with a super cute picture of the couple!

Wedding - Wedding Guest Tree

Made from a reclaimed window that made the perfect frame for this couple's wedding guests. 

Celebration Pennants - Wild West Series

I look at these pennants and I remember my son in his very first big boy bed (bunk beds to be exact). The wild west theme is one he has grown out of, but I love this fabric and held on to the pillowcases for years. I'm glad that they got used somewhere else!

Celebration Pennants - Retro Series 1 and 2

Found materials... the blue and green check is an old table cloth, the blue and green rounds originally came from Towers Department store (still have the cutting label) and I found it a local thrift shop along with the cute little red girl print, the big bold stripes came from an old sheet and the solids are fabric remnants from projects past. 

Celebration Pennants - Insects, Amphibians and Reptiles

These are just some of the newest pieces....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Suprises

Inspired by some great imaginations and requests... I have come up with some pretty great birthday party stuff.

This one there was a little girl who dreamed of having a sea life party with a 'pin the tail' on the whale game...

And then I have my little rock and roll girl....

and not to leave the boys out... here's one from a little Wii Tournament

Watercolour Paintings

Way back in 2005, I decided to sign up for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer... I thought walk 60kms, I can do that... then I thought, raise $2000, HOW.

Then I decided that if someone donated towards my goal, I would thank them with a home/cottage portrait in watercolours... up until then I had only done one other. But it turned out so well that I decided I could do it. Turns out I raised my goal and more and to this day I am asked to make some pretty special creations. It hasn't stopped at homes/cottages... I have been asked to do boats too! I have backed off any pet or people requests (I'm just not that brave yet).

So to this day, I still do these watercolours. I think that it's pretty amazing that people ask me to capture their most prefect precious plase on paper...

PS - Sorry for the quality of pictures... this was way before I learned HOW to take better pictures ;-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebration Pennants

I make these colourful treats from all kinds of scrap fabrics that find their way to my house. Some are from old sheets, table clothes, curtains - some might be an old shirt that was injured - some other interesting remnants are from my many trips to local thrift shops. But when they are all pulled together they make colourful additions to any party, get together or room.

Home for the Holidays November 15, 2009

I'll be here this Sunday. Stop by and visit!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


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