Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What am I up to?

Well it's turning out to be a busy couple of months ahead...

First up - Lorax themed party decor and planning. I'm trying to keep things a surprise for adults and kids alike so I'm not posting anything until afterwards. But I do have some pinkish and greenish fluffalump trees in my livingroom!

Secondly - I signed up for the "Mother of All Craft Shows"! On May 6th, come visit me at the River Inn in Corbyville (outside of Belleville) along with some many other talented and awesome crafters!

And last but not least - I'm adding some new stuff to wedding offerings. This one could be a little challenging as I am working with my bridezilla sister! :)

And OH I forgot, I'm already dreaming about a vacation where I can put me feet in some sand. But that is planned for when I get all the other stuff done.

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