Tuesday, May 11, 2010

trains, planes & automobiles

It's official! This is finally for sale at Belle Balloons/Belle Events in downtown Belleville, Ontario! As I stand back, it all feels so colourful and fun, just like I wanted it to end up!
Included in this party-pak is: 1 'use anywhere' bin, 2 celebration pennants, 10 invites and envelopes, 1 set of activity supplies and a game suggestion, 10 loot bags filled with slingshot airplanes (they are so much fun if you've never seen them. but warning, they can go far and land on a roof or two), 10 old fashion candy sticks, 10 cupcake/food toppers...
This pack is made for a party of 10 kids, but I can always add more stuff if you are brave enough to have a bigger party than that! If you bought everything individually, it comes to just under the triple digit mark... but if you do the party-pak, it's $70 and you only have to make one stop!
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