Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What am I up to?

Well it's turning out to be a busy couple of months ahead...

First up - Lorax themed party decor and planning. I'm trying to keep things a surprise for adults and kids alike so I'm not posting anything until afterwards. But I do have some pinkish and greenish fluffalump trees in my livingroom!

Secondly - I signed up for the "Mother of All Craft Shows"! On May 6th, come visit me at the River Inn in Corbyville (outside of Belleville) along with some many other talented and awesome crafters!

And last but not least - I'm adding some new stuff to wedding offerings. This one could be a little challenging as I am working with my bridezilla sister! :)

And OH I forgot, I'm already dreaming about a vacation where I can put me feet in some sand. But that is planned for when I get all the other stuff done.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedding Tree October 2011

This was my first time taking an order from the US (granted the order had to be sent to city about 1 hour from my home town of Sarnia, Ontario so I felt confident that I could get it there safe and sound). The bride to be sent me the names super early and I crafty as soon as a I could so that I could get it sent off with lots of time for their wedding :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look for these guys at the Weekend to End Women's Cancer in Toronto!

I was luck enough to be asked to do this little job... and I love how it turned out and how the logo will be used. If you see them walking by during the 60kms, HONK!

Friday, July 15, 2011

donate and you could own this!

Once again I'm taking part in the weekend to end women's cancers in toronto... but to even walk a step, i need to raise some cash. $1250.00 to be exact. Right now I'm sitting at around 20% of my goal, so I have decided to take some steps (also known as bribery) to increase my percentage raise.

If you are the first to donate $150 towards the my efforts http://www.endcancer.ca/site/T​R/Events/Toronto2011?px=338030​4&pg=personal&fr_id=1455 then you are welcome to pick up this piece from my studio (also known as my diningroom) in Belleville, Ontario or for my friends in Sarnia, I could deliver it when I get down there.

Here are some tidbits about the Walk:
- this will be my fourth time doing it.
- I LOVE that they have a one day option again this year. But that still means about 32-33kms in one day.
- walking is hard. raising money is harder.
- I can barely walk past Princess Margaret Hospital without going into the ugly cry.
- I love the people that I walk with and for.
- I can barely lift my feet off the ground after walking that much.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Rock Out Forever Party!

 What do you for a girl who loves music and lots of it? Well, a rock out party of course. A previous Halloween costume inspired this party!

the RESERVED area just for the girls...containers are set up with stuff for their art project. I always have an activity for the kids to do at the beginning of the party to allow for all the guests to arrive
these are the SWAG bags that also served as decorations around the food and gift table. Double duty!
some of the artwork that the girls came up with!
our very own VIP - AKA Gwen Stefani Look-a-like!
the food and gift table... see what some paint can do to some dollar store table cloths!
CHEERS to a great group of girls who know how to party!

Pirates and Princesses Party Memories

This party is one from a few years ago... but it still brings back lots of smiles. It was one of the last ones when both both and girls were both party of the party invites. 

 This sign welcomed you to the party (look at how great some old pieces of plywood can look!)

and there was even a plank for the kids to walk on! Eventually this turned in to a little bit of a battle on the plank with kids pushing the others off and into the SHARK waters!

And just another little sign made out of scrap wood. Cute right?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ultimate Party Planners Party!

Maya and I had to plan to use her favourite TV shows to come up with her 10th birthday party theme... and so it came together as the "ultimate party planner" birthday party! We combined the Cupcake Theme, Party Planners, Say yes to the Dress and a little from America's Got Talent and came up with a fun 3 hours with 12 girls in the backyard!

 The girls making their special cupcakes to be eaten later on in the party!

They had to decorate their own areas based on themes they picked form a hat... This is the Circus Table! We also had Tea Party and Beach themes for the other tables.

This is a little Mad Hatter at the Tea Party table... they were the 'Best Table Winner' chosen by the all the girls

then the girls had to dress appropriately for their party using tiolet paper and streamers and some props.
Looks like the Mad Hatter will make it after all!

and the crazy Circus lady made an appearance too! This one won the Best Dressed prize!
and this was party of the entertainment... these guys won the best Talent award for their beach dance!

Is this not the cutest gift table that you have ever seen? Under that is the ugliest picnic bench ever!

And the gift unveiling turned out the be an event too!

This was a picture of the BEFORE. Cute right! and yes that's a pink lemonade ready for the party guests.

and last but not least some super cute cupcakes made by our very own 'Ultimate Party Planners'
(and I couldn't resist buying the bamboo sporks even though the tacos on our menu didn't call for them)
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